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I have a dual pane window and the glass is broken. Can the glass be replaced, or do I have to replace the whole window?

Yes, the process in which the glass is removed from the window differs greatly from one manufacturer to another. But 100% of the time you can replace just the glass in the window. You NEVER have to replace the entire window due to broken glass.

Only 1/2 (1 side) of my dual pane window is cracked. Can you replace just that 1 piece of glass?

No. A dual pane unit is hermetically sealed at a factory. The process where two pieces of glass are properly "insulated" is thoroughly explained on our Window Repair Page.

​What does it means when glass has a beveled edge? Beveled means there is an indent edge, see the left image below.

Can you give me a price quote or estimate for window repair over the phone?

Yes, if you provide glass measurements, then most often, we can. However, some situations require that we come to your home or business and measure the glass and determine the labor involved, in order to provide an accurate price quote. All estimates are free of charge, even if we need to come to you.  

Some glass shops claim to make their own insulated units, so they offer same day service. Can THE ROCK Glass & Mirror Company do that?

No we do not, this ensures a better product. In theory, a glass shop can purchase glass, stock lengths of metal spacer and cartridges of butyl to put into a caulking gun in an attempt to manufacture their own dual pane insulated glass units. The rate at which "home made" units fail (see the question below) is far too high. Also, and very importantly, the environment necessary to create a unit that is free of ALL lint and dust in between the panes is far too difficult to achieve in a "glass shop". Read more information and see the video on our Window Repair Page to learn how dual pane glass insulated units are properly manufactured. Dual pane units can be installed in 3-5 days, as dual pane units are not manufactured in Flagstaff.

My dual pane windows have moisture in-between the panes and look "Foggy". Can my window be fixed?

Yes. Dual pane units are sealed. When a dual pane unit has lost it's seal, it often will "fog up" . It can be taken out of the window frame, and replaced with a new sealed unit. 

If I purchase a new dual pane unit for my window, what is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime dual pane seal failure warranty against seal failure (not breakage). That includes the glass and labor.

Can Tempered Safety Glass be cut?

No. Glass that is required by law to be tempered for safety is cut to size first, then ran through a tempering furnace. Once a piece of glass is tempered, it is changed chemically to where it can no longer be cut, ever.

Can you cut glass in a circle, radius or custom shape?

Yes. No matter what the shape, a piece of glass can be cut. Circles, arch-tops, radius or "race-tracks" are all standard cuts. More custom cuts may require that a cardboard pattern or "template" be made.

Do you perform both residential and commercial work?

Yes. We have 24 years of experience in both applications and are certified to perform work in both areas.

Do you have glass for a table tops?
Yes, offered in a variety of thicknesses, with polished edgework, available in tempered, in standard or custom sizes.

What is a glazier? Are you a certified glazier?
Yes, owner Damon Cundiff is a certified residential and commericial glazier. A glazier is a construction professional who selects, cuts, installs, replaces, and removes residential, commercial, and decorative glass. Glaziers also install storefront frames, entrances, handrails, shower enclosures, curtain wall framing, and glass and mirror walls. It takes about four years for a glazing apprentice to complete on-the-job training and schooling to advance to a journeyman. It then takes about two more years for a journeyman to become qualified to apply for glazier certification. 

Will you cover or board-up my opening where my broken window/glass is until my new glass is installed?

Yes. We offer "board ups" at no charge. Our free board up service has two stipulations - we do not charge customers that have made a commitment to use our services, and we do not offer any board up service after hours.

I have a mirror that has been glued to the wall, can you remove it?

Yes. We quite often remove mirrors that have been previously installed. No matter how they are held to the wall, or for what amount of time. A mirror can always be taken down. The one thing we always want our customers to know - there will ALWAYS be repairs necessary to the wall after the mirror is removed, unless you intend to cover up the area with something new.

Do you recycle glass?

Unfortunately, The City of Flagstaff and Coconino County do not offer any option to recycle what is known as "Flat-Glass". They only accept bottles and jars. Window glass, mirrors, and insulated glass is not recyclable.

Can you make blinds and other window coverings in a custom shape?

Yes. Most of the blinds and window coverings we sell are available in all sorts of odd shapes and sizes.

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